High School Competitions

VEX Robotics Competition

Vex is a game-based engineering competition.  Students design and build a robot utilizing a clawbot kit. Each year an engineering challenge is given to the teams and as they complete tasks, they rack up points. They start with qualifying rounds and then they move to eliminations matches where they continue to illustrate their ability to problem-solve, work as a team, and support a healthy competitive environment.

Try-Math-A-Lon (TMAL)

Try-Math-A-Lon is a tutoring program meant to foster good study habits for minority students, help prepare them for standardized test exams such as the ACT and SAT, and promote competition and good sportsmanship. TMAL ‘JEPARDY’ style competitions are held at Regional and National Conferences between a maximum of 6 qualifying teams composed of high school students from NSBE Jr. Chapters.  The overall purpose of the competition is to help groom TMAL team members for success in STEM courses and prepare them for standardized SAT/ACT testing.