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Middle & High School Competitions
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Ten80 Competition

The Ten80 Student Racing Challenge: As part of the Ten80 National STEM League, middle and high school students compete using electric radio controlled (RC) cars.  Students create the cars and work together in ways that parallel the arduous preparation of racing teams in the months leading up to each race.  Student teams showcase their work and compete both online and in person (locally and nationally). 

Try-Math-A-Lon (TMAL)

Try-Math-A-Lon is a tutoring program meant to foster good study habits for minority students, help prepare them for standardized test exams such as the ACT and SAT, and promote competition and good sportsmanship. TMAL 'JEOPARDY’ style competitions are held at Regional and National Conferences between a maximum of 6 qualifying teams composed of high school students from NSBE Jr. Chapters.  The overall purpose of the competition is to help groom TMAL team members for success in STEM courses and prepare them for standardized SAT/ACT testing.

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Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering (TAME)

Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering’s mission is to “create equitable experiences for students from underrepresented groups to explore futures in engineering by fostering their sense of belonging and equipping them with knowledge, skills, and intergenerational support through statewide programming at no cost to students”, Students participate in science and math test. They also participate in an engineering design competition on the regional and state levels.

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Kid Wind

The KidWind is a project-based program that engages students to learn more about wind energy. Student teams design, construct and test small scale wind turbines at events all over the countries.

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